Open and Close Posting Periods-OB52

IMG: FI.A/cing> F.A.Global settings>Document>Posting Periods> Open and close posting periods.

1) Several Company codes can use same posting period variant.

2) The SAP system automatically determines the posting period and fiscal year based on the posting date entered. (Only special period needs to be manually changed)

3) The posting period variant is assigned to the company code.


In this activity you specify for each variant which posting periods are open for posting. Two intervals are available for doing this (period 1 and period 2). For every interval, enter a lower period limit, an upper period limit and the fiscal year.

You close periods by selecting the period specifications so that the periods to be closed are no longer contained.


You can also assign authorization groups for permitted posting periods. This means that, for example, some posting periods can only be opened for particular users within monthly or annual closing. You can only assign the authorization group at document header level and it only affects period 1. The authorization object is called F_BKPF_BUP (Accounting document: Authorizations for posting periods). Read the corresponding chapter on “User maintenance” in the “Assigning authorizations” topic.


You specify G/L account numbers for your specifications. You determine the posting periods allowed for the subledger accounts via the corresponding reconciliation accounts. To do this, you specify the subledger account type, such as D or K, and the corresponding reconciliation account.


There must be at least one entry for each variant. This entry must have + in column A ; the columns “From acct” and “To account” may not be filled. In the columns for the posting periods, you specify the periods which are to be opened for the variant. Via further entries, you determine more specifically which periods are to be opened for which accounts.


1. Specify the periods allowed for posting.

2. First, for all variants (minimum entry), enter the periods to which postings can be made.

3. Then, add entries for account types or account areas if the periods are to be limited to certain accounts.

4. Enter an authorization group for each period 1 via which you want to create an authorization protection.

Path: IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Settings -> Document -> Posting Periods -> Open and Close Posting Periods.

T/C: OB52


Details as below…


Choose the related variant and click ‘Copy’ to create a new postering periods.


Save entry .



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  1. Srti Rama Murty Jayanti

    what is the procedure to be adopted for closing of periods in old version in case of going for up gradation?

  2. Thanks a lot really worked

  3. hi guru can we directly change the year to current year and month in 0b52
    plz kindly reply me

  4. Everyone will like here!Good idea!

  5. thank you for your explanation

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